Frequently Asked Questions – Solving your queries is prior to us!

FAQs are some general questions one might have before developing a relationship with a company. You too, before placing an order at our site might need to ask some of these. Here are your questions and our instant answers to them.

  • Why should I prefer your company over others? How can I trust you? has been operating for years. We’ve been able to win thousands of hearts. Our writers are highly qualified, skilful, devoted and dedicated to work. Out of all these qualities, they’re able to produce excellent papers which incur a professional language, research based information and all authentic content. Like so many of the others, we shall not exploit you.

  • What type of writers write assignments at your company? How qualified are they?

As mentioned before, our writers are highly qualified. The selection of writers at our company is solely made when they hold a minimum Masters’ level degree. Less than that is not acceptable. This is only the selection criterion. Our 60-70% writers hold PhD degrees. Such incomparable writers will write your assignments, so will you not like it?

  • When can I place an order? At what time in a day can I contact you?

You can contact us anytime you want. We’re 24/7 available just to serve whenever you’re in need of a coursework to be done. So, contact us in any part of the day and we will be right here to receive your orders. Also our writers are all the time ready to help you.

  • Are there any discounts available?

Well, our prices are quite low, but being familiar with the fact that students may not be able to afford this too, we keep bringing discounted schemes to them time to time. You may avail them. Also, we provide discounted prices for an assignment of a greater number of pages. But when you’ll get to see our work, you will realize that our prices are just.

  • What if I want to hire the same writer again?

Well, that’s not a problem. You can definitely hire the same writer again. What you have to do is to contact our Customer Support Department and they will assign you the same writer again for your essay work. This way, you can also create a trusted relationship of a client and writer.

  • What if I’m not satisfied with your work? Can I get my money back?

First of all, we won’t let this happen. Our writers strictly follow your given instructions and you’ll never find a sub-standard piece of writing. Also, you won’t be able to spot any type of plagiarism in our work because the papers are checked through plagiarism-checking software before being sent to you. However, in any case if you object, and your objection is found to be valid, your money will be returned. Read our Refund Policy for details.

  • Will I be able to achieve good grades with your papers?

As far as our work is concerned, we will do it at our best and hope that you’ll get good marking for your papers. We don’t guarantee your overall term grades because other than essay papers, many things account for grading.

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