Is online learning a curse in disguise for our students?

Online world:

Internet has been the most brilliant invention of the last century and it really goes without saying when you bring in the number of things we won’t be able to do had we not got any access to the internet. The blessings of the internet are great in number, but there are certain aspects of it that do require a little bit of light too. You can’t deny the fact that our lives would have been drastically different if we lived like the medieval people used to i.e. devoid of any access to the current blessing we take for granted. The point of this article is that whether the excessive usage of social networking websites is healthy for the students or not. A lot of people think that internet completes them and that their online presence is more important than the time they should spend with their families and that’s a very tragic scenario. Let’s then today analyze the different sides of the internet that never get the attention they should get:

Ease of access:

Even though ease of access should be a good thing, but for students it’s something that you won’t like as a mentor or as a student. With the advent of online learning students have now diverted their attention to websites that help them with solutions to all the homework they have and it’s a bad usage of technology

Social networks:

Social networks during the days of their inception were met with real positive reviews because at that time people used to spend their time very productively. People didn’t just spend all day on the social network trying to impress a lot of people by uploading pictures and other stuff like they do today. We can virtually see teenagers and even elders at times walking on the pavements with their heads glued to the phone screens which then leads to accidents.

Vulgar material:

These days children that don’t really should be allowed to have access to the internet have all the access they need and that often leads to their minds getting polluted by things that they shouldn’t even have known about at the time. There is a lot of vulgar material available online and when children come across such things during such a timid age, they are bound to set off in the wrong direction.


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