Degree case: Another Spectacle of Kejriwal

Imran Khan

The biggest court in India at this time is that of Arvind Kejriwal. Onkar Singh Janauti says that Modi’s degree controversy has shown the extent to which Kejriwal can go to collect headlines.

What do you have to do to get a degree? If there is a convocation somewhere, applications have to be written in some places. It has to write your name, roll number and year of passing. It is given to the university with an application fee and then the degree is obtained. If the student cannot go by himself, the degree is sent through registered post to the address given in the application. This is a process so that important documents go into the right hands. Do not misuse them.

When applying for many jobs, documents of tenth, twelfth and degree have to be applied. His photo copy had to be attained at least with the class two officer. At the time of attesting, the original copy also had to be shown. Yes, if fake work is done under the guise of this, then it is a case of forgery and action should be taken on it. But this does not mean that all the attested documents in India are fake. Degree can never teach you how to install Vudu on Firestick

Anyway, every year thousands of students are admitted to the Indian Army or Police after passing 10th and 12th. Under the manual for checking their certificates, the department offering jobs contacts the inter colleges. Documents are sent by registered post for verification and after verification are sent back from the registry. This is also a process, neither any leader nor information commission has anything to do with this.

The third example is the loss of a degree or certificate. In such a situation, a second copy is sought by placing an advertisement in the newspaper, putting it in its cutting application and giving its evidence. Here too, the applicant has to appear on his own or documents are sent through registered post after the identity is certified. And this is also a process.

Now comes the Arvind Kejriwal style, which is above all these rules and procedures. Just think that someone, using political right, with a political intention, ask for your certificate or your degree. Demand the university to make it public. If the university refuses to cite the rules, then say that this is everyone’s blessings. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal fell behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a similar fashion. The day he came on Twitter via social media team, he created such an atmosphere that it seemed that the Prime Minister was lying about the degree.

Gradually, it became such an Eve that even the Information Commissioner put it on his intelligence and asked the university to present the degree. The information commissioner also forgot that the person has the right over the degree earned as a student. If there was any doubt about Modi’s degree, a complaint should have been made to the Election Commission. This is what happened in the case of Smriti Irani. Milk becomes milk, water is water, but Kejriwal has the tendency to remain in the spotlight by throwing mud on another.

In this sequence, Modi’s 2001 interview was also removed. Those parts of it were put on Facebook in which they postponed the degree. Opponents of Modi, sharing it in a jittery manner, started saying that look, a lie was caught. Instead of being aware that there should be a political society, in India, that part of that interview also appeared in which Modi said that he has done BA, MA.

There should be opposition to policies, language and administrative efficiency in politics. Opposing is also the duty and compulsion of the opposing parties so that they continue to prove their utility. But protest should not mean that people should be systematically misled. Certificates of honesty and dishonesty should be distributed by presenting themselves like a court. Before the assembly elections, Kejriwal had filled Delhi with posters calling himself honest and Sheila Dixit dishonest. There was talk of sending him to jail in 100 days, now where are those promises. On the contrary, even these days, advertisements of newspapers criticizing the Delhi government are being stopped. Under the guise of government advertisements, Kejriwal is setting the agenda of FM radio. Entry of journalists who questioned the functioning of their government in the Delhi Secretariat has been closed. Is this the ideal model of transparency?

But this is mud bounce politics. Nearly all parties, including Congress and BJP, are guilty of this. It is being reaped as sown, but this tradition should be stopped. Whatever the opposition, it should be justified, not sponsored.

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